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Custom Luxury Coconut Oil Candles

Enjoy our limited edition, luxury coconut soy lotion candles. Engage your senses as you use these candles for ambiance and a lovely fragrance or as a massage oil and skin lotion. Our candles are a proprietary blend of coconut oil, soybean oil, lanolin and an infusion of Vitamin E and fragrances all derived from natural sources. The amazing essential oils make up a light grapefruit scent or a spearmint and eucalyptus blend which provides a clean and calming aroma. 

 Candles can be used as a massage or moisturizing oil. To use the candle, burn it until it is partially liquid.  Pour  into hand or use the spoon that comes with each candle and apply to your skin as a lavish lotion.

If you haven’t tried a massage candle yet, you’re in for a delightful experience.  

The candles come in clear glass jars and include matching glass lids with a plastic fitment to ensure a snug fit.  Used as a candle, they will provide a clean burn that will last 40-45 hours.   

These candles were designed and produced by Mim Davis Creations in collaboration with Haley Jenae Skin Care and her certified labs. 

Made in the USA.


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