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Hello! My name is Mim. I want to thank you for visiting my About page.  I am an artist and have a wonderful husband and a very vocal 15-year-old Siamese cat. I want to thank my husband for his patience, encouragement, and unconditional love as I have navigated to this remarkable place in my life. 
My passion is being the creator of one-of-a-kind designer jewelry that is artistic and distinctive. I also love making gifts with gemstones, all kinds of crafts and candles and am a purveyor of distinctive gifts for inspired living.  I am visually impaired but do not want that to ever stop me. Because I cannot make as much jewelry these days as in the past, I have expanded my website to include new vendor partners to add a line of luxury, high-end jewelry and products that are unique, beautiful, and trendy. I will still make jewelry creations and love to make custom orders, it just takes me a little longer (*smile*).
 My jewelry business began with a mission, a work from my heart. I wanted to develop symbols of faith jewelry that tells a story.  I design and then work with special teams that fabricate the pieces. Please enjoy reading My Story below to see why this was such a long journey.
 I love to receive personal requests for custom jewelry.  It is a delight to create a design made specifically for someone with their tastes, colors, gemstone selection and more.   It is designed as a one-of-a-kind piece of art. Your jewelry will not be a copy but rather uniquely made just for you or someone you love.
 Want more ideas? Go to the webpage “Sold Out.”  I decided to leave the creations on this site to inspire you.  Perhaps you really liked a piece of jewelry.  Well now is your chance to have your own creation, new gemstones, colors, and custom design work, all handmade to your specifications.  No two pieces will be alike but perhaps this web page will give you some ideas.  In addition, think about one of your own pieces of jewelry that you rarely wear but you love the materials and want it redesigned as a fresh new piece. Or perhaps you have an heirloom pendant or broach that you would like showcased in a necklace or ring.  The ideas are unlimited!  To learn more, click here.
 I believe in giving to others as it is a way of giving a little piece of myself. I donate a percent of all sales to my church and to Lighthouse for the Blind. I also give handmade jewelry for charitable silent auction events.    I want to make a difference in another person’s life.  This is not only through giving, but also with my jewelry business.  My hope is that someone is touched and changed when they read the stories that come with each Symbol of Faith necklace.   
 We are located in the Dallas Fort Worth area and can meet personally with you.  But our main business is online retail sales where you can place your order and we will ship within 48 hours. All of our products are either shipped directly from the studio or from a supplier that is based in the United States. I believe in the motto, Made in America. I also believe in providing a gold standard of customer service.  As a business owner, it’s important to meet customer expectations. We understand how valuable your time is, so we want to be able to promptly respond to your questions and provide the service you deserve. 
I have so many amazing customers and would love to add you to our community.  Feel free to contact us to let us know what you think.  We would appreciate your feedback.  Just click this Contact Us link.  It will keep us on our toes!  I would love to stay in touch!  Join our newsletter mailing to receive our latest updates ~ we promise we will send emails sparingly ~ only to keep you in the loop of specials and new jewelry line offerings.  I personally look forward to getting to know you!  
Continue re-visiting the site for new creations and great gifts. I’m even going to provide a line of jewelry and accessories for your furry friends. So, enjoy and take your time exploring the website and finding whatever meets your fancy.  
Thank you for supporting my small business! 
~ Mim

Love at First Sight 

When I was little, I loved to draw, just like many kids. I would climb up in our tree house and sit sketching for hours, I made greeting cards and painted sailboats and scenery when we would go on vacation. My parents enrolled me in private oil painting lessons at the age of 10, and later fine art classes in acrylics, watercolor, and all things art.  I loved it and decided I wanted to be a professional artist when I grew up.  My favorite classes in school always revolved around art, music, literature, and areas that filled my soul with creativity.
 When I was about 13, I visited an advertising agency while on a school field trip) and fell in love with what I saw.  So, I fine-tuned my goals to work in an ad agency as a creative illustrator and graphics designer.  I also loved making jewelry and had even become skilled in soldering and making sterling silver rings and broaches while I was in high school. It was fun to design, and hand make earrings and bracelets for my family and friends, I even made my own beads and greeting cards.  I participated in local art shows and volunteered at boutique galleries.   


Reality of Life 

After I graduated, I attended Florida State University where I majored in Fine Art and Design.  I loved every minute!  But then “life” took over.  I’m sure many of you can relate.  I got “derailed” and my life moved in a different direction. I switched majors and went into business and finance.  I needed to start in a direction that would provide promising opportunities and financial benefits.  In my mind, being an artist was not going to cut it in all practicality.  This change was one of my biggest regrets, but it seemed the best decision at the time. 
 To summarize the outcome, I had a very lucrative profession in business as an accountant and eventually taking on roles as Controller and then CFO in many large national ad agencies.  The silver lining was that after I worked for a CPA firm for 3 years, I landed a position in an ad agency.  I thought I’d at least enjoy being surrounded by creative people, ideas and thus enjoyed an exciting and fast-moving adventure. I spent 40 years of my life working in the ad agency industry.  It was one that was successful as well as fulfilling.  After hours I would dabble in painting and watercolors, handmaking gifts and jewelry, but never had enough time to even call it a hobby.  I was working long hours and then even longer days and weekends at the office deeply involved in mergers and acquisitions during the final four years of my career until I was able to be in a position to retire (actually, I liked calling it “rewire”).

 Love with Less Sight

I was finally able to rekindle the fire within me to unleash my passion of being an artist, once and for all. I was so excited to pick up where I left off 40 years earlier.  There was just one problem … I was losing my eyesight!
When I was in my 40’s, I was diagnosed with genetic wet and dry macular degeneration.  About 15 years later it had slowly progressed to where I experienced changes in the quality of my vision and that straight lines appeared distorted. The changes were gradual and actually became a problem during the last few years of work.  I compensated with large computer monitors and bright lighting in my office. This condition will eventually cause loss of my central vision. 
 But I take heart.  Although I am now visually impaired, I am still believing in the healing power of God! I’m trusting that one day God will heal my eyes or that He will provide major medical breakthroughs that can reverse the damage of the macula.  Either way, I am trusting in Him and simply taking it all in stride and using technology, magnifying equipment, and incredible computer apps to allow me to continue on with as much a normal life as possible.
 I made the decision to design and create jewelry because I could use tools, materials and ideas that would not be impaired as much by my vision.  Painting was not possible any longer since I could not see or paint straight lines or connect strokes of paint where I wanted.  The freehand of painting was no longer an option.  I moved forward instead of sinking in sadness.  I decided to go all in with jewelry making.  

A New Career Launch

I attended the New York Institute of Art and Design and graduated two years later as a master jewelry designer.  I created my brand, designed my logo and business cards, packaging and marketing materials. 
 I kicked off my new business with a trunk show that showcased a complete tropical line I had developed called Island Hopping.  It was a great success ~ in sales and in development of magnificent customers and loyal fans. 


I was on my way! I continued making jewelry, mostly with gemstones and wire and custom designs.  I created a website that was an e-commerce retail site and officially launched my business.


Way before I attended the New York Institute of Art & Design, I started working on designing a special jewelry line.  This is what caused me to start my jewelry business in the first place.  I had a deep desire and wanted to follow my heart.  I wanted to spread the Good News through telling stories with new designs.  Jesus mostly spoke in parables because it opens our eyes to deeper insights. I had ideas and wanted to share with others using simple designs and inspirational stories.
As I began designing jewelry, I wanted to include a jewelry line that represented my faith in God and to share this faith with others.  I didn’t want to make the typical Christian symbols of faith, I wanted something new.  Christian symbols were used by the early Christians to secretly share with others that they were of The Way. Various symbols were worn and displayed to recognize churches and other believers as a hidden way of identification during the time they were persecuted by the Roman Empire. 
There are various symbols of Christianity such as the cross, the fish, dove, butterfly, and Celtic circle, to name a few.  I really wanted to design and create jewelry for the same purpose of letting others know that these new symbols also represent Christianity.  In designing these items, I wanted each one to tell a story.  When someone wears the necklace, it is usually unique enough that others call out the piece and its design.  This is the perfect scenario that allows the wearer to share the story of what the symbol means.  I wanted to create a conversation piece that could become an easy gateway for someone to share their faith with others, should they desire to do so. So, I wrote a prayer and dedicated it to my business.  God has been faithful! This is my ministry.

Not long after, I was first inspired with the Refresh Necklace!  You can read more about it and how it came about by clicking here (link) for the full story.  Since then, I have added several other symbols of faith jewelry and have many more great ideas incubating for elegant new pendant designs.


My personal prayer ~
“Dear Father in Heaven, in Ecclesiastes 1:9, Solomon said” 9 What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun.”  This may be, but you are God, our creator.  You create new things, in and under the heavens ~ and I am asking and believing that you will fill me with new ideas, new designs, new creations that give you glory and share your love with others, through all kinds of artistic designs, jewelry, and all kinds of crafts ~ just as you did for Bezalel. I dedicate my business to you and tithes of all income.  I trust in you and thank you that I will receive visions and new ideas that will be remarkable and create a pathway for testimony and conversations about Jesus.  I thank you for the talents you have given me and the doors and opportunities you will open.  I pray that you will bless the health of my eyes and the work of my hands and for you to guide me in all your ways!
In Jesus’ mighty name, Amen.
Exodus 31:1-5 Then the LORD said to Moses, “See, I have chosen Bezalel son of Uri, the son of Hur, of the tribe of Judah, and I have filled him with the Spirit of God, with wisdom, with understanding, with knowledge and with all kinds of skills— to make artistic designs for work in gold, silver and bronze, to cut and set stones, to work in wood, and to engage in all kinds of crafts.


During the holidays, I had several customers ask if I had any accessories, purses, gloves, candles, and décor that could enhance my products and provide additional gift ideas for them.  So as a standard offering, we sell a collection of pillows, gift items, accessories, and home decor items unique to the whims of our customers.  Since my signature is the dragonfly, I also include items that include dragonfly themes and designs.  The hunt for all things dragonfly is fun and once in a while I land on great gift items to satisfy my fellow dragonfly fans.

I embraced the candle idea and made handmade coconut oil massage candles in corroboration with Haley Jenae Skin Care and her certified labs, here in the USA.  They are made of organic materials, essential oils, lanolin, and an infusion of Vitamin E.  After selecting the candle glass jars with matching glass lids, I also created the labels, candle art and packaging ~ ready to sell and ship.  These candles were a great success and completely sold out within one year.  I plan to produce more soon as they were a popular gift item. 


I am always searching for accessories, gifts and small home décor items that compliment my jewelry brand.  Shopping for these items is like a great hunt.  I like to find items that are unique, high quality and made in the USA!  I have also handmade gift items such as wine glass charms, bookmarks and other items that incorporate gemstones with an artistic flare.  I will be building this product line to provide multiple selections for a fun experience for discerning shoppers!







I am excited to announce that we are building relationships with unique jewelry suppliers and artisans to provide high-end jewelry and accessories through my website.  Because of my vision challenges, I will still be designing jewelry and handmaking some pieces but am also hand selecting vendors to partner with Mim Davis Creations to offer products that are sure to please.  These new items will be a high-end quality line of jewelry that include genuine precious gemstones and precious metals, providing a beautiful fine jewelry that complements my semi-fine and fashion jewelry.
Many of my customers have requested fine jewelry offerings for their collections and heirloom pieces. We will hand-pick distinguished artisans and suppliers from across America who will be presenting their amazing products within this collection. Our partners provide unique jewelry items that are exclusive to us or where we are selected as a limited retailer.
This will provide dynamic business relationships to meet the demands of our clientele. We will be including new expertise, perspectives, and great team support as we work together to build a successful line of products and to become a shopping site that pleases the shopper and encourages a long-term relationship as we provide true and great service and support with winning teams and suppliers.

My hope is that this will be embraced and become a go-to place for finding special jewelry items from the suppliers that I select. I welcome any requests for this type of jewelry line.  If you’d like, say, a ruby ring with an artistic twist, just contact me and I’ll be your personal shopper!



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